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How Anatomy Models are Made


We are often asked about the manufacture of anatomy or anatomical models as they are sometimes called, so you will find alongside a short (5 min) video from How it's Made showing some of the techniques involved and the detailed work which goes into some models. Obviously models vary in both size, compexity, detail and of course quality, but what this video clearly demonstrates is the amount of time and work that goes into making some of the models that are available. Hand painting and finishing is necessary for many models, and all models are put together by hand to some degree.


Most models start with a basic casting, and this is where you will often find the biggest difference between the budget and the the top end models. Castings are not cheap or easy to make in the first place, and often represent the largest part of the set-up costs for any particular model. At the budget end of the anatomy market the models will have basic shapes and details requiring a rough casting, anatomically correct in a sense, but not having the complex detail we all know is present in the human bones or organs. The more expensive models will have a lot more detail and much more clearly represent the actual structure found in nature, these models are then finished with great attention being paid to the detail, hand painted by experienced artists.


Like most things these days anatomical models and skeletons are made around the world. From China and the Far East, through Asia, Europe and on to North America there are factories producing good quality anatomy models, bones, joints and skeletons. Here at Medical Models Online and our sister sites at and we aim to offer the best possible choice and range of models.

Models and skeletons to to buy that satisfy all budgets, and all representing excellent value for money.

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