Heart & Lung

Heart & Lung

Anatomical Heart and Lung Models

Anatomy models of the heart and lungs are available both combined and individually.

The most popular anatomical hearts are life size and come in 2 parts showing the ventricles, atriums, valves, veins and aorta in some detail, models for all budgets are available. Larger anatomy models of the heart can be enlarged several times and are excellent for use in group sessions and getting a more complex view of this vital organ, these models can dissect into several more pieces and give a highly detailed illustration of the heart.

Anatomical lung models are useful to show the nature of this complex organ, it's size and relationship with the human heart. Lung models can depict the whole of the lungs or be highly magnified to show the bronchioles and tiny vessels, thus you can not only see detail but also how damage can occur to the lungs.

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Anatomical Model of the Human HeartThis Life-Size Human Heart represents excellent value for mon..
£22.95 Ex Tax: £19.13
Jumbo Heart ModelThis Large Jumbo Heart anatomy model is exceptional value for money and would b..
£39.95 Ex Tax: £33.29
Classic Anatomical Heart Model in 2 PartsThe Classic Heart Model with 2 parts at a very aff..
£44.95 Ex Tax: £37.46
Human Heart ModelThe 5 part human heart model is an original reproduction of a real human specim..
£199.80 Ex Tax: £166.50
Heart ModelThis 5 part anatomical heart model is a didactically prepared original reproduction o..
£194.40 Ex Tax: £162.00
Jumbo HeartAt 4 times life size this jumbo heart anatomy model is excellent for patient educatio..
£57.60 Ex Tax: £48.00
Heart with Esophagus and Trachea at 2 times life size with 5 partsThis 2 times life size anatomi..
£306.00 Ex Tax: £255.00
Anatomical Heart with 7 partsThis anatomical heart shows the anatomy of the human heart and is h..
£236.40 Ex Tax: £197.00
This detailed heart at 3 times life size depicts the structures of the diaphragm (= base). The follo..
£655.20 Ex Tax: £546.00
Heart with Oesophagus and Trachea at 2x life-size in 5 partsThis twice life size anatomical Hear..
£357.36 Ex Tax: £297.80
This life-size anatomical heart model shows the effects of heart hypertrophy.This pathology is c..
£72.72 Ex Tax: £60.60
This three-part life-size anatomical model shows the anatomy of the human heart and the thymus gland..
£96.96 Ex Tax: £80.80
Anatomical Heart Enlarged and FlexibleThis enlarged flexible anatomical heart and major blood ve..
£291.84 Ex Tax: £243.20
Half Size Anatomy Lung ModelThis is an anatomy model of a right human lung at about half life-si..
£42.80 Ex Tax: £35.67
Anatomical Heart Enlarged Flexible and NumberedThis enlarged anatomical model of the heart and m..
£305.28 Ex Tax: £254.40
Diseased Lungs - Shows healthy compared to COPD, Cancer, Asthma LungsThis set of lungs are full ..
£99.95 Ex Tax: £83.29